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Cardio Exercises for the Whole Family

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about our world, and it’s made two key changes to our health. First, it’s reminded us that we can never take our health for granted and that we need to do what we can because the right virus can turn small health risks into big complications. Second, the lockdowns have led many people of all ages to gain weight and exercise less.

It’s never too early or too late to strengthen your health, and our mission at Glamour Girl Fitness is to encourage positive steps that families can take together. Our world would be a better place if more families took the time and energy to exercise together, and there are more ways to do this than you might think.

If you’re looking for a way to get the whole family fit, check out these easy cardio exercise ideas.

Family Dance Parties

Working out can improve anyone’s mood, but it’s even better if you’re genuinely having fun at the same time. And what’s more fun than a dance party?

Get the family together, turn on your favorite tunes, and let loose! If you want a more specifically-designed workout dance, try pulling up a Zumba video for families online and following along.

Circuit Stations

Every parent has witnessed just how short a child’s attention span can be, but that doesn’t have to make it more difficult for them to get a great workout. Put it to use instead by setting up circuit stations in your backyard.

This doesn’t have to be elaborate. One station could be jumping rope, another could be jumping jacks, and so on. Have your family members rotate through the circuit doing short spurts of exercise at each one with brief breaks in between.

Backyard Athletic Games

There’s nothing like a backyard soccer game with the family on a summer evening! Both soccer and football are great sports for cardio exercise because they keep everyone moving. Baseball may be fun too, but it can involve a lot of stationary downtimes, so don’t rely on it as a source of cardio exercise.


A hike is a great way to get the family active, enjoy some time together, and foster a sense of appreciation for nature in your kids all at the same time. Luckily for us, our home city of Atlanta and the surrounding areas are full of hiking trails of all difficulty levels, lengths, and locations. Make a hiking trail wish list with your family, then start with the lighter hikes and work your way up.

Family Fitness Classes

There’s a reason why fitness classes are so popular: because they’re fun! You’re surrounded by other health-minded people and great music, all while the coach leads the class so you can simply follow along without having to think about your next move.

The trick with workout classes is to find the right fit for your fitness level (and for the types of exercise you enjoy, of course). There are great options out there designed for parents and kids alike, and the coach can help you modify your difficulty level so it’s an appropriate challenge for everyone.

Cardio exercise is an important part of protecting your heart health and giving yourself and your kids the gift of a longer, healthier life. When the whole family can get their cardio exercise together, it’s even better. Explore our resources to learn more about family fitness. Or, for direct help with weight management and living your healthiest life, find out about personalized weight management coaching.


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