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The Social Benefits of Family Fitness

Glamour Girl Fitness is all about promoting family fitness and empowering families to improve their health together. Every parent wants their kids to be healthy, but physical health isn’t the only type of health that matters. You want your child to be emotionally and socially healthy as well. Fun fact: getting your family more active can actually help your kids socially, not just physically. Here’s how.

Creating Common Ground

When you get your kids involved in a variety of sports and other fitness activities, you expand their world. They learn about various sports and active hobbies and discover which ones they enjoy most. When they go to meet new friends, they can find kids who enjoy some of those same sports and hobbies so they have something to bond over.

Building Confidence

Family fitness is fantastic for growing kids’ confidence. Their workouts make them feel strong and powerful, constantly allowing them to accomplish new things. This is especially true if they have your support as a parent who points out how far they’ve come and cheers them on for doing well.

This sense of accomplishment can give kids the confidence to be more comfortable socially and to approach other kids so they can make friends. With all the changes that kids go through at various times in their development, any child can use a confidence boost.

Establishing a Way to Meet Friends

Sports and fitness don’t just give kids the confidence and familiarity to make friends; they can provide a place for kids to make friends too. If your kids develop an interest in fitness or specific sports because you’re exposing them to a variety of healthy activities, they’re more likely to join teams and sports clubs through their school or the community. These teams are a fantastic way for them to meet kids and get to know them so they can make new friends.

Creating Stronger Family Bonds

When your family is involved in fitness together, you build strong bonds with each other as a family, and this can translate into a healthier social life for your kids. Your kids learn how to have positive interpersonal relationships with their family members, including how to be kind, how to listen, how to be supportive, and so on. This prepares them to have better relationships with their friends. As an added bonus, these stronger family bonds will also allow your kids to feel more comfortable talking to you about any social difficulties they’re having so you can help.

Using Family Fitness as a Path to Better Social Health and Beyond

Getting your kids involved in fitness from an early age can be a fantastic gift you give them that will benefit their development throughout their childhood and beyond. Even still, it’s never too late to start putting a focus on family fitness either, and we’re here to help. Learn more about the Mommy and Me fitness program and our other family fitness initiatives.


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