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Healthy Holiday Traditions You Can Start This Year

Who doesn’t love a great family tradition during the holidays? They make you feel festive and nostalgic and give you a way to bond with the people you love. There’s only one problem, though: many of the typical holiday traditions aren’t great for your health, like making cookies and candies for the holidays, drinking hot chocolate or eggnog, and so on.

Instead of giving up holiday traditions in favor of your health, try starting some new family traditions that are more health-friendly. Consider these fun ideas.

Making a Healthy Festive Dish Together

Most of the traditional holiday foods aren’t exactly healthy unless you’re eating them in very small amounts…decorating Christmas sugar cookies, making latkes for Hanukkah, building candy-packed gingerbread houses, and so on. While it’s fantastic to get the family in the kitchen together, consider switching it up by making healthier foods together.

For example, spread hummus on plates and let each person use veggies of different colors and shapes to create festive arrangements. Make applesauce for Hanukkah or try veggie latkes.

  • Participate in a Festive Fitness Event

Many cities and areas have started hosting 5Ks and other types of fitness events for the holidays. As great as these are for exercise, they’re also fantastic family experiences where people dress up in festive costumes and have a fun time while being active. Look for events like this in your area and make it a tradition to get the entire family involved.

  • Go On a Walking Lights Tour

It’s a popular tradition during the holidays for families to drive through neighborhoods to check out houses’ light displays and see which ones they like best. As wonderful as this is, it’s easy to turn it into an opportunity for exercise too. Instead of driving through, park the vehicle and walk through the neighborhood to check out the lights. Just make sure you bundle up appropriately for the cold.

  • Take the Family Ice Skating

Another activity that’s perfect for the winter holidays is ice skating. Even in a warmer area like Atlanta, there are countless pop-up ice skating rinks that are open throughout the season.

Ice skating is a great form of exercise, a fun activity to enjoy for people of any age and fitness level, and a festive opportunity to enjoy a treasured tradition with your family. Start a tradition of going ice skating every year - it’s even better if you dress up in Santa hats, Hanukkah sweaters, and other festive gear!

Having a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

This is a beautiful time of year and it’s a time for celebrating the best parts of life: the people we love and the joy of togetherness. This is the year you can start traditions that allow you to celebrate with the people you love while also giving each other and yourself the gift of better health. From all of us at Glamour Girl Fitness, happy holidays!


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