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Family Fitness 101: Aerobic Dancing

One of the challenges in keeping yourself and your family fit is finding an exercise routine that you can stick with because you enjoy it. For most people, boredom sets in after they’ve been doing the same exercise for a few weeks, so it’s a good idea to have a variety of workout ideas in mind so you can switch up your routine.

To help you do that, our family fitness experts are giving you the lowdown on a few popular workouts and how they can help your family stay in shape. Today, we’re focusing on a common favorite: aerobic dancing! There are certain brand names that are popular, like Zumba, but aerobic dancing is essentially a dancing session that’s designed to get your heart pumping and give you a great workout.

What Can I Expect from Aerobic Dancing?

Aerobic dancing is often offered as a class or a group workout. There’s an instructor who’s leading you through dance moves as the music plays. Of course, you don’t have to bring the whole family to the gym to enjoy this exercise – there are plenty of aerobic dance videos online that you can follow along with, too.

What Are the Benefits of Aerobic Dancing?

Aerobic dancing is a fantastic workout from a fitness perspective! When your family hits the dance floor together, you can enjoy these benefits to name a few:

  • Excellent cardio training – Aerobic dancing gets your heart pumping and is designed to primarily be a cardio exercise. In fact, you can start with shorter classes and videos and work your way up to longer ones as your family’s cardio fitness improves.

  • Encouraging continued fitness – As we mentioned, one of the toughest parts about maintaining a workout routine is keeping it up. Aerobic dancing is a workout that’s designed to be a great time! If your family is having fun, they’re a lot likely to keep up with the routine.

  • Enhancing body-wide muscle tone – There are dance moves that can work just about any muscle group in your body. So, if aerobic dancing is planned well, it can be a full-body workout that builds muscle tone in your upper body, lower body, and core.

  • Easy modification – Chances are that not everyone in your family is at the same fitness level, so when planning exercises you can do together, you need to find exercises that each person can modify to fit their needs. Aerobic dancing is easy to modify so your kids can do easier variations of the moves or step up the intensity to give themselves the right level of challenge.

Getting Your Family Fit with Smiles on Their Faces

In your family’s fitness journey, it’s important to teach them that working out doesn’t have to be unpleasant or just an obligation to cross off their to-do lists. It can be genuinely fun, and for many people, aerobic dancing is a way to make it fun.

For more ways to get your family fit, check out our Mommy and Me fitness program today! Remember to follow us on Instagram for Fit Tip Fridays and more fitness insights.

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