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Family Fitness Spotlight: Cycling

Frequent exercise is one of those things we all know we should be doing for our health, but it can be difficult to make exercise part of our routine. It helps, though, to have a long list of ideas for ways to get your family active while having fun together. To help you build your list of options, we’re highlighting a type of exercise that’s particularly perfect for families: cycling or bike riding.

Top Benefits of Cycling for Fitness

Cycling is often underappreciated as a type of exercise, but it’s a fantastic activity for individuals and families alike. In fact, it has several unique advantages.

  • Workout for the Whole Body

Cycling is a great exercise because it works so many areas of the body at the same time. Along with building muscle in the legs, core, and arms, cycling is very productive for the cardiovascular system too. In other words, bike riding improves your kids’ heart health while also burning calories and building muscle.

  • Combining Family Activities

If you have some exercise-resistant members of your family, cycling can be an easy way to coax them out of the house because you can incorporate it into another activity they enjoy. For example, have the family ride your bikes to the park for a picnic or to a family friend’s house for a get-together.

  • Low-Impact Exercise

Some exercises are physically difficult not because they push your muscles and cardio fitness but because they’re hard on your joints. Cycling is a low-impact workout so it’s easy on your knees, ankles, and other joints, making it a great choice for people with injuries. It can also improve your joint mobility.

Tips for Your Family Cycling Workout

Ready to get your family out on a bike ride? Follow these tips to make sure it’s a safe, productive, and fun experience.

  • Choose a Route for Safety

Exploring on your bike may be an option for adults who are skilled cyclists, but when your kids are in tow, you need to plan your biking route with caution. Check out maps to look for places you can ride with minimal traffic, ideally on dedicated bike paths and biking lanes. Take your kids’ cycling skills into account in your planning too. If you have fairly inexperienced cyclists in the family, stick to easier, shorter routes.

  • Bring a Stash of Supplies

When you’re biking, especially in hot weather, you need to pack plenty of supplies. Water and snacks are important, even for rides that are expected to be short. It’s also a good idea to bring items for emergency repairs if necessary, like extra bike chains and a tire pump. Make sure that your phone is fully charged in case you have an emergency and need to call for help.

Biking Toward a Healthier Family

For families with kids who are old enough to ride bikes, cycling can be a fun, relaxing, and refreshing opportunity for family fitness, and it’s an activity you can enjoy at almost any time. Grab your bikes, pack some supplies, and head out for an enjoyable afternoon ride with your family.

For more family fitness tips, follow Glamour Girl Fitness on Instagram. Don’t forget to check out our Mommy and Me fitness program too.

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