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Family Workout Hacks if You Don’t Have Exercise Equipment

family workout hacks

There are countless reasons why people struggle to keep up with a consistent workout routine, and finances are often on that list. Certainly, getting fit and staying fit can be expensive, whether you’re a member of a gym or you’re setting up a home gym. If you don’t have the budget for gym memberships for the whole family or home gym equipment, how can you help your kids (and yourself) get healthier?

All it takes is a bit of creativity! Check out these ideas and hacks for working out without exercise equipment.

  • Try Bodyweight Exercises

You don’t need barbells or weight training machines to have a great resistance workout. Your own body weight can offer enough resistance to get anyone’s heart pumping and muscles working. Try creating a weight training circuit that includes bodyweight-only exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, wall sits, and more. When you want some solid equipment-free cardio, it doesn’t get much better than a simple jog outside, even if you’re just running laps around the house.

  • Make DIY Workout Equipment

You actually have more workout equipment around your house than you realize…it’s just hiding in plain sight. Try these DIY hacks:

  • Put items in a backpack, then hold the backpack by its top handle and use it as a kettlebell.

  • Stack books to get the weight you want and secure them together with a strap, belt, or long scrap of fabric. You can use the bundle as a dumbbell.

  • Use a frisbee or a furniture-moving slider as a floor slider for core workouts.

  • Exercise with a Free Video

While many people blame technology for our world’s rising obesity rates, it can actually be a fantastic fitness tool if you know how to use it. YouTube is full of free guided workout videos for any type of exercise you can imagine. Find a great video for your family for yoga, cardio, high-intensity interval training or HIIT, weight training, Zumba, boxing, or anything else you choose. Pull up the video on your TV, gather the family, and have fun moving along with the video.

  • Use Your Local Resources

In nearly every community, there are resources you can use to help your family get fit without putting a burden on your wallet. For example, check out your public park to see if there are basketball courts, baseball fields, or soccer fields you can use. If you don’t have the ball or other equipment you would need, invite a friend who does have the essentials. Another option is to look for hiking trails or running routes in the area. Most of these are available for public use at no cost.

Getting Creative with Your Family Workout

Exercising with your family is an important way not only to help the whole family get healthier but also to enjoy quality time together as your kids grow up. The tricks and hacks above can help you make room for family fitness in your schedule without needing to make room in your budget. To learn more about family fitness, check out our Mommy and Me fitness program or follow us on Instagram for fit tips.

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