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Fun and Healthy Family Activities for Spring in Atlanta

Spring is officially here, and that means months of warm weather and sunny days ahead! If you’re one of the many families who had a hard time staying active during the winter, now is the perfect opportunity to start building healthier habits with your family.

We have great news, too: you don’t need to choose between spending quality time with your kids and working out. There are plenty of ways to do both at the same time if you know where to look! Try these fun ideas for healthy family activities this spring in Atlanta.

Take a Hike

We’re fortunate enough in Atlanta to be surrounded by gorgeous natural settings, and our nearby parks and locales offer plenty of opportunities for a family hike. Depending on the whole family’s fitness level, try options like Cascade Springs Nature Preserve, Sweetwater Creek State Park, or the East Palisades Trail along the Chattahoochee. If you’re up for a short road trip, drive an hour or two north of Atlanta for countless trails in the mountains of northern Georgia.

Explore a Farmer’s Market

A healthy family needs a balance of plenty of activity and a nutritious diet. You can get both by taking the family out to a local farmer’s market. If it’s a large market, you’ll get plenty of walking in by simply strolling around and checking out the booths. At the same time, you’re helping your kids appreciate natural, healthy foods. You might even find some fun new types of produce for everyone to try.

Hop Into a Trampoline Park

We all know the saying about “April showers,” so there are bound to be a few rainy days this spring. Don’t let that affect your health, though! Bring the family to one of the many trampoline parks throughout metro Atlanta. These exciting indoor parks are full of trampoline floors that make for unique games, amateur acrobatics, and an all-around great outing.

Connect with Local Wildlife

Have you ever worn a pedometer or fitness watch during a trip to the zoo? It might feel like a day out with the family but it’s a nice workout as well. Treat the kids to a trip to Zoo Atlanta or other local options like the North Georgia Wildlife Park or the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Or, take a family walk through any state park and challenge your kids to see how many types of wildlife they can spot.

Think Outside the Box

Most people think of fitness classes as hardcore workouts, but there’s more variety out there than you might realize. There are plenty of unique classes out there that allow the entire family to have a great time, get a workout, and learn an interesting skill at the same time. Think along the lines of trapeze, hip hop dance, aerial yoga, zoo yoga, frisbee golf, or even belly dancing!

Exercise doesn’t need to be boring and it doesn’t need to take time away from enjoying those you love. Sometimes the best workouts come from simply having a great time with your family! Try any of the ideas above to make the most of your family time this spring. In the meantime, follow Glamour Girl Fitness on Instagram for more fitness tips (especially on Fit Tip Fridays), and check out our sister company’s nutrition and weight management counseling packages.

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