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How to Make Your Family’s Halloween a Healthier One

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Halloween is upon us! That means we’re all having some fun indulging our spookier sides, but there’s one thing that strikes fear into every parent who wants their kids to be healthy: the heaping piles of candy that come from trick-or-treating.

Don’t worry, moms and dads – you don’t have to take away the fun of trick-or-treating to protect your kids from the effects of all that sugar. Try these tips from our health and fitness pros!

Set Candy Limits

When your kids come home with a big bag full of candy, they tend to want to dive in and chow down right away. That doesn’t exactly fit neatly into a balanced diet.

Instead, try spreading out the sugar by giving your kids a daily limit. Maybe they can only eat three pieces of candy per day, for example. This keeps their sugar intake more moderate, especially if you choose not to buy other sweet snacks for them while they work through their Halloween stash.

Walk, Don’t Drive, to Trick-or-Treat

In some areas, it’s common for families to drive from house to house to trick-or-treat. Or you might drive to one house, trick-or-treat at the houses on either side, and then drive further down the street to another group of homes.

If possible, walk for your trick-or-treating instead. This gives you and your kids some exercise while you enjoy the holiday tradition. Better yet, kids tend to be less likely to dip into their candy bags early if they’re distracted by walking instead of sitting in the car.

Throw a Health-Conscious Halloween Party

Halloween doesn’t have to have candy as the main attraction. Consider throwing a Halloween party that distracts kids from the idea of a sugar binge. Your party can include fun and active games, and you can offer healthier snacks throughout. For game prizes and party favors, opt for non-candy items like small toys or stickers.

You can use this party as an alternative to trick-or-treating or as a complement to it. Because trick-or-treating tends to end early in the evening, consider hosting your party as a post-trick-or-treating activity. This way, kids are spending the rest of the evening being active instead of digging into their candy.

Consider Introducing the Halloween Pumpkin

Have you heard of the growing tradition of the Halloween Pumpkin? The Halloween Pumpkin is a lot like the tooth fairy, but he comes on Halloween night to give kids a toy in exchange for their candy. This way, kids get the fun of trick-or-treating and the excitement of getting something new, but they don’t get the negative health effects of several pounds of candy.

Setting Up Your Family for a Healthier Halloween

There are so many fun elements of Halloween you can embrace without making it into a sugar-centric holiday. This year, try the ideas above to help your kids have a great time without compromising their health.

In the meantime, learn how you can incorporate more health and fitness into your family’s life with our Mommy and Me family fitness program. Follow us as well on Instagram for more family health tips.

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