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Resistance Bands: How to Use Them for Your Family Fitness

At Glamour Girl Fitness, our mission is to help families throughout metro Atlanta and beyond to become healthier together. Over the years, we’ve found that one of the top reasons families are inactive is that they just don’t know where to start. Well, we’re here to help! We want to help you learn about your options for getting your family moving and having fun while getting healthier together, so today, we’re featuring one of the most popular workout tools your family will love: resistance bands.

The Basics of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are workout tools that are essentially designed to be a compact and versatile alternative to free weights and dumbbells. Different bands offer different levels of resistance, and you’ll often see them labeled as having a weight equivalent, like ten pounds or forty pounds. But you can also increase or decrease the difficulty of each band by doubling it over, for example, or using it at different lengths and distances.

While resistance bands come in different weights, they come in several types too. Some bands hook up to handles on the ends while other bands are handle-less and just look like a giant rubber band that has been cut. Generally, bands with handles are safer because you’re less likely to lose your grip while using them.

How to Use Resistance Bands in Your Family’s Workouts

Want to incorporate resistance bands into your family’s fitness routine? It’s easier than you might think! Try these tips and ideas.

  • Start with Low Weights so Everyone Can Learn Their Comfort Level

With resistance bands, you want to use a band that has enough resistant force to challenge your muscles but doesn’t push you so hard that you’re at risk for an injury. You’ll probably need a different band level for each exercise too, as will your kids. It takes trial and error to find that sweet spot, so make sure your kids start slow.

  • Go On a Learning Journey Together

Don’t think you have to master resistance bands before you introduce them to your kids. Go on a learning journey together instead. Your family members could take turns each week finding a new resistance band exercise for the family to learn together. Learning new things with your kids is a great way to make fitness fun!

  • Try a Family Workout Circuit

Chances are that at least two members of your family will need the same weight of resistance band for the same exercise. Unless you buy several sets of bands, this can be an issue.

To avoid problems with overlap, try setting up a family circuit workout in which each family member rotates through different exercises. This way, one person can be using resistance bands while everyone else is practicing other exercises like crunches or jumping jacks.

Trying Resistance Bands for Your Family Fitness Routine

Working out doesn’t have to be boring or arduous. In fact, you should be able to have fun by mixing it up and trying new exercises. Resistance bands are versatile enough to allow you to keep trying new moves, and they’re healthy to boot! For more tips on how to get your family active and have fun together in the process, check out our Mommy and Me fitness programs today.

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