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Safety Tips for a Family Fitness Bike Ride

Spring is a perfect time for the entire family to get out of the house, swap out their winter lounge pants for workout pants, and enjoy getting active outdoors. There are plenty of ways to do this, but a popular favorite is to take a family bike ride.

Of course, safety is always the top priority when it comes to riding your bike, especially with your kids in tow. Everyone knows the basics, like making sure everyone wears a well-fitting helmet and applying sunscreen before you go, but be sure to add the safety tips below to ensure that your family fitness excursion is fun and productive.

Make Sure Your Kids’ Bikes Fit Properly

With how quickly kids grow, it’s easy for their bikes to be the incorrect size, and this can put them at risk for injuries. There are a few ways to check for your child’s bike size. When your child is sitting on the bike with their foot on the pedal and the pedal is at its lowest position, their leg should be almost full extended, but not quite – around 80-90%. Or, when your child is standing and straddling the bike, there should be about 1-3 inches between them and the top bar of the bike.

Choose a Smooth and Uncrowded Biking Area

As they say in real estate, location, location, location! Choose a place that isn’t overly crowded with either vehicle traffic or foot traffic for your family to ride bikes, especially if your kids aren’t highly skilled bike riders. You should also choose a place that has a fairly smooth surface. For example, opt for a dedicated bike bath, a well-maintained boardwalk, or a quiet road instead of a trail with roots and rocks sticking up.

Do an ABC Check

Before you set out on your journey, do a quick safety check on each person’s bike. An easy test to use is the ABC check: checking the air in the tires, the breaks, and the chain.

Pack Extra Provisions

It’s easy for a bike ride to become longer than you expected because of roadblocks or an accidental incorrect turn. Make sure you bring more supplies than you expect to need.

This includes water for the entire family and healthy snacks like nuts or fruit and vegetables. You should also bring sunscreen in case you’re out long enough that you need to reapply it.

Making Your Family Bike Ride Safe and Healthy

A family bike ride can be a fantastic way to get some healthy activity into your family’s day while also exploring your neighborhood or a local park and simply having fun together. You don’t need to put anyone’s safety at risk in the process with the tips above.

For more healthy and safe ways to get your family fit, check out our Mommy and Me fitness program and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more fit tips!

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