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Family Fitness: The Benefits of Working Out as a Family

It’s not news to you that frequent exercise is a cornerstone of great health. It improves your circulation to bring nutrients to every part of your body, keeps your weight in check, and improves your all-important heart health. Did you know that with the right workout companions, though, you can reap even more rewards?

We believe in normalizing the idea of working out as a family. Gathering your kids, spouse, and any other family members together for a workout doesn’t just improve your waistline. It gives your family several other treasured gifts too.

Better Health for the Whole Family

There’s a common misconception that only people who are overweight or have health complications need to exercise. In many families, that means the parents might work out to manage their slowing metabolisms but they don’t get their kids involved because the kids are still slim.

In reality, a lack of activity can have just as much of a negative impact on someone who’s thin as it does on someone who’s overweight. No matter how much each member of your family weighs, everyone’s health can benefit from consistent exercise.

Establishing Healthy Habits for Kids

It’s no secret that the US has an epidemic of obesity, and much of it is simply caused by bad habits. If you live your entire life with minimal exercise and an unhealthy diet, this is what feels normal to you so it’s extremely difficult for you to change it later.

The same is true for your kids. If you raise them to live a healthy lifestyle with exercise and balanced nutrition now, you’re making it easier for them to stay on that track and remain healthy as adults.

Family Accountability

We’ve all had days (or weeks or months) when we’ve had a hard time getting motivated to work out. We simply feel low-energy or pressed for time. That’s why people are so much more likely to successfully lose weight when they have an “accountability buddy” to motivate them.

The same holds true when you exercise with your family. You’re all sharing the experience of working out regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The positive peer pressure of seeing your family exercise and schedule family workout sessions will help you (and each member of the family) stay on track.

Quality Family Time

One of the key reasons we hear from people who don’t exercise as much as they should is the lack of time. It’s true that life gets busy and as parents, we tend to let our own needs slide, especially when you’re choosing between working out and spending time with your family. Who said you had to choose, though?

Getting your family away from the screens and spending active time together is a great way to build your bond and simply enjoy each other’s company. That’s especially true if you’re finding fun new ways to exercise together, like exploring new hiking trails or trying different fitness classes.

Making Fitness a Family Affair

So often, we think of exercise as something we have to do, an obligation. Instead, turn it into an opportunity – something you get to do with your family. It’s a chance to improve everyone’s health, spend time together, and just have fun!

Explore our site to learn more about Glamour Girl Fitness’s mission of making healthy families or check out our lifestyle and weight management coaching services. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too for Janae’s fitness tips for kids on Fit Tip Fridays!


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