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Small Modifications to Sneak More Exercise into Your Family’s Life

Small Modifications to Sneak More Exercise into Your Family’s Life

One of the most difficult parts of getting more fit is finding the time for fitness. You have enough on your plate to make it difficult to even find time for your own workout, and if you’re trying to get your family to be more fit too, it’s even more of a challenge. Here’s the good news, though: blocking off half an hour or an hour in your schedule isn’t the only way to improve your fitness.

There are plenty of sneaky ways you can add exercise into your routine and your family’s routine so it better fits with your schedule. Try these easy strategies.

Choose More Active Family Outings

If your family is planning time to spend together, you can turn the family outing into an opportunity for exercise if you choose the right activity. Opt for activities that get your family moving, like a hike, a skating rink, a family game of volleyball, or anything else that gets them up and moving around. It doesn’t need to be a strenuous workout. It just needs to be more active than watching a movie or doing another sedentary activity.

You don’t have to limit this to your family either. You can do the same when you plan playdates for your kids and their friends.

Use the Entire Parking Lot

Did you know a family trip to the store can be an opportunity to get some exercise for everyone? The next time you head to the store, park at the back of the lot so you all have to walk further to get to the store. When you add that extra distance to the distance you walk throughout the store, you’ll add healthy activity without your family even thinking about it.

Add to the Family Chore Schedule

Working out doesn’t have to be a jog or a weight training session. Housework can burn a surprising number of calories. Start delegating chores to each member of the family. Even just one or two tasks per day will get everyone up and moving.

To make this housework into a routine, consider creating a daily chore schedule so each person knows their responsibilities. Not only are you improving your family’s activity level, but you’re giving your kids an education on caring for a home too.

Choose More Active Transportation

Who says you need to drive every time you need to run an errand? When possible, look for more active modes of transportation, like walking or biking. If you’re out shopping, a cart or wagon can help you tote your purchases home instead of using a vehicle.

Getting Your Family Moving

Every parent wants health and happiness for their kids but carving out time in everyone’s schedules for family exercise isn’t easy. The tips above can help your entire family become healthier without adding more to your busy schedule. For more tips and tricks for family fitness, learn more about Glamour Girl Fitness and our Mommy and Me health coaching program. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for even more fitness advice.


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